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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do if I or my loved one needs something that the NHS cannot provide?

If your loved one has PTLD and are in the Care Network and have a terminal diagnosis, talk to your community nurse or GP. Tell them what help you’d like us to provide and ask them to get in touch with us (we don’t have direct contact with patients or their families, but only with primary care staff).

How are decisions made regarding agreeing to people’s requests?

‘Love from Lucy’ has 6 trustees who are individually able to agree to smaller, less costly items. As long as the requests meet the criteria of our constitution (i.e., to assist in the care and comfort of terminally ill patients at home), we can give approval quickly and supply the need. In the case of larger, more expensive items, trustees will consider and discuss the request.

Will my gift be taxed?
If you’re a UK taxpayer, we can reclaim the basic rate of tax you’ve already paid on your donation.
This means that a £1 donation is worth £1.25 to the charity. All you need to do is complete our Gift
Aid Declaration.
How can I be assured my money will go to the people that need it?

‘Love from Lucy’ works solely with the Community Nurses and Community Support Workers so that our help can go directly to the people who need it most. We have very low administrative costs and the charity is run by volunteers, so you can be reassured that your money will go where it’s needed.

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